Water is a stimulating, beneficial and relaxing environment.

Water activities take on a more lively and cheerful color, fun and physical activity blend together to make you spend some time in serenity without forgetting physical fitness.Swimming Pools VALLETTE offers swimming courses, water aerobics, gestational exercises, neonatal swimming, diving, and the new SINGLE YEAR program dedicated to the younger. Come and visit us for a better understanding of our initiatives, FREE TRENDS of our courses. We remind you that the plants are open ALL DAYS from 10.00 to 19.00 ..


Swimming is absolutely the most complete sport and therefore it is important that a swimming pool is equipped with trained instructors not only professionally but also ready to meet the many needs of students.

Our instructors are able to emotionally engage participants in the course, are ready to face each individual’s problems, succeeding in joining a good group; They are able to get in touch with water the right way, teaching how to breathe, how to get into apnea, how to meditate and relieve stress in the best way without any hassle and joy.

With the right equipment’s provided by our pools, they give emotions and relaxation, in a place that “convinces” and where even the most suspicious … decides to go back!

… … over 3-4 years, all in the pool!

Knowing how to swim is useful in life but is very useful in the training phase, because in the water you learn how to breathe and coordinate movements and this is the basic foundation of any other sport.

There are courses for all tastes: for those who have already “familiarized” with high water but do not know the techniques of the three main styles: free, back and frog; For those who have not yet settled in high water and for those who have never attended swimming courses, nor has ever established approaches to water.

At the end of the courses, prizes are scheduled for all participants.

Adult Swimming

Individual lessons on schedule to be agreed at € 22.00

Lessons in small groups all Friday from 12.45-13.30 from 22/6 to 17/8 at € 12.00 per person, minimum two

Water is a stimulating environment and we all go back a little bit of kids.

The game, the ability to have fun and stay with others, not to think and let go, music, splashes, perception of feeling light, ease of movement, are all motivational components that attract our fitness customers to the water .

The exercises we suggest are also designed for those who do not know how to swim. There is no risk of distortion, stretching or tendonitis because the water resistance dampens the movements and the water massage performs a draining action on capillaries and cellulite.

Do not give up the appointment with the instructor and with the water; With the group, with the smile and with the energy of positive emotions:

Music, colors, movement, endorphins!

The lesson rate is completely free!

Start of courses: Lunedì 18 Giugno 2018


Two free lesson and welcome cocktail!

Hours 13,15 – 14,00

Single lesson € 9,00 + Insurance € 10,00

Includes Acquabike and covers all Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays (13.15 – 14.00) throughout July and August period.

  • Subscription 10 lessons: €65,00 (saving €25,00)
  • Swimming pool ticket + Acquafitness lesson: €12,00 with free cot
  • Aquagym subscription + living room Swimming pool: €110,00 (10 beds combined with 10 entrances with free cot)



Novità AcquaBike

Knowing your body, preventing physical or mental malady, maintaining and enhancing your abilities … All this with a gentle 1 meter high water gymnastics, especially suitable for those who are no longer young and want to find, in addition to psychophysical well-being, a group Of friends


Courses follow the following schedule:

Single lesson (€ 22.00) or mini group (€ 12.00 per person, minimum two) on Monday from 13.00 to 13.45 from 22/6 to 20/8


A unique experience that stimulates the growth and harmonious development of the child. For children from thirty days to three years in the water with mom or dad.

Bathrobe, absorbent costume … here we are ready for a dip in the pool!

Help your child buy safety and love water already from early childhood, bringing him regularly to the pool. First you will dip your baby in the water and will be less afraid of it. Indeed, in the early months, the newborn still retains the memory of the amniotic fluid that has sunk in the mother’s belly. For him it will be sweet to find “aquatic life”, the instinctive motor activity that belongs to him since birth and who, exercised in a timely manner, will get used to his body to move within a friend, which is not only useful for his psychophysical development but That will make you play and have fun, baby and big.

In the water, where the force of gravity is almost completely undone, infants are facilitated in all those movements that they normally can not do in the crib or bed.

Pool activity contributes to the awareness of the body by the little one who, thanks to the experience of playing with parents and with learning, learns to better adapt to the needs of socialization and to react to changes in situations.

The courses we propose meet specific objectives ranging from simple adaptation to water up to slope or dive entrance, passing through intermittent stages with dives and simple water shifts.

It does not in any case seek the learning of swimming techniques, which are proposed only in the rudiments of the two simplest styles but after three years of age.


At the same time, general outcomes are equally important, such as strengthening the relationship with the parent, emotional improvement, and autonomy development.

The course includes sessions of thirty minutes, mono or bi-weekly – the first four sessions are compulsory and are the same for all children. The instructor offers appropriate activities to stimulate the child, with individual and personalized solutions that respect the times of the child. In each session the child is led to discover new games and situations, from the parent and the instructor: the mother presents a stimulus and observes the child’s response.

The instructor is a qualified professional who suggests the games to do and recommends the catches; It is thanks to its animation ability that the lesson is both enjoyable and at the same time effective.

The purpose of our neonatal swimming courses is to give the child the pleasure of staying in the water, moving naturally and progressing towards autonomy.


11.00 – 11.30

Cost 4 lessons € 30.00


During pregnancy, motor activity in the water gives PSYCHOPHYSICAL WELLNESS, RELAX, and LIGHTNESS.

In the water body weight is reduced and the future mom, weighed by the bacon, can move freely and relax because it feels sustained, agile, embraced and cradled by the water.

The objectives of our course are:

  • Improved respiratory capacity
  • Improved cardiovascular capacity
  • Improvement of engine schemes
  • Muscle strengthening and toning